Caring Choice

Social care services

What is social care?

Social care can come in many forms. Common challenges might be that you are not very mobile, your family are busy with work – or you just can’t get around. In many cases, your family might live at a distance. Help with cleaning and personal care can often make you feel better about yourself. A cuppa and a chat or support for depression and day-to-day life can make all the difference.

What can the Caring Choice do for you?

The Caring Choice can offer many different levels of support, from calling to see you on a regular basis for a cuppa and a chat, taking you to the local shops, arranging and taking you on day trips or outings to spending a week or two away on a holiday with you.

What is the cost of Social Care Support?

With Social care support each case is usually assessed on an individual basis, for example a regular call for half an hour would be charged at our normal hourly rate but if you would like us to take you away for a week we would happily give you a specific quote for your requirements which will normally cost much less than our hourly charge.

Is there any funding for Social Care Support?

In some cases, there may be funding available from the local authority or the NHS. We will be able to give you the relevant contact details for social services or the NHS to make enquiries regarding funding.