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Careers in care with the caring choice

Careers in care with The Caring Choice

Becoming a Home Care support worker is very demanding but at the same time rewarding and an increasingly specialised career choice. More importantly, choosing a company that will make you feel fulfilled is important and will make it easier for you to progress if that’s what you decide to do. Many of our staff to continue as a home care support worker.

Why choose a career with us ?

Making the choice to be with us will offer you many rewards as we look to retain our passion for care through all of our staff, we are a family and all our staff feel part of this. You will be offered a pathway when you join us and the longer you are with us you will be able to move up the career ladder if that is what you wish to do

What careers can we offer you?

New opportunities become available on a daily basis so when you apply you will have the option to tell us what position you would like. It may be that the position is not available but we may still offer you a position until your chosen position becomes available

Do I need to have experience?

The simple answer is no, we can train you as long as you have a caring nature and are willing to learn we will be able to help you on the career ladder.

Careers that we offer

  • Homes care support worker
  • Co-ordinator
  • Senior support worker
  • Administrator
  • Cleaners
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