Caring Choice

End of life care

We consider this area of our work one of the most important and rewarding as we help many families through this very difficult time in their lives giving support to both service users and their loved ones


What can we offer you and your loved ones?

At The Caring Choice, we give careful attention to your needs and that of your loved ones. This means that one of our senior members of staff will visit you with your family members if that’s what you would prefer. Along with our senior member of staff, we would assess what you feel would be the right amount of support. We can offer everything from support, both emotional and physical, personal care, caring for your daily needs and looking after your home. You may only want us to call once a day or to offer 24-hour live in support but you will always be in control.

Financial implications of end of life care

In many cases, your local authority will support you with the cost of care. We will guide you to the right team within social services that will be able to advise you on the financial support you may be entitled to.