Caring Choice

Respite care

Respite care – we are there during your difficult times

Respite care is put in place for many different reasons as caring for a loved one can become difficult, tiring and sometimes overwhelming. The physical, mental and financial strain these difficult times puts on families and friends can sometimes become too much. We will be there when you need us to provide a caring service tailored to your loved one’s personal care needs. We provide a service for short or long periods of time.

Why choose the Caring Choice for respite care?

We have many years experience of working with families, caregivers and social services. Our team are familiar with identifying your needs then putting in place a care plan that suits your requirements with our trusted staff. We ensure that each carer is selected to suit your loved one’s needs and personality. Caring for someone for long periods must give you the reassurance that you can spend time for yourself without worrying.

How does respite care work?

Respite care can be arranged around your needs. In some cases, it may mean different things to different caregivers but in most cases, can be broken down into two different arrangements.
  • Live in service – Our carers can provide 24-hour care in your home giving full support including everything from personal care, meal preparation to medication.
  • Extended care visits – If you need more support, for holidays, for your own illness or maybe you just need a rest. We can arrange as many extended calls through the day as you require from one hour to six hours.

Financial implications of respite care?

You may be entitled to some support from your local authority for respite care. If you are not entitled to this, we will tailor your care to your specific needs. As part of this process, we will adjust our charges depending on the amount of care required, as the more care provided will enable us to reduce our costs.